Packing A Proper Carry-on

With as much traveling as I’ve done this summer and will continue to do into the fall months, I thought I’d provide a smart list of essentials I don’t step on a plane without. Hydrate: Hydro Flask Water Bottle, Justin’s Nut Butter packets (to avoid eating those delicious cookies) , Matcha Powder Clean: African Botanics… READ FULL POST >


In the last year, every travel magazine has voted Iceland the “Country to see!” or “The trending spot of 2016!” You’ve probably seen every blogger and their husband/photographer taking a casual dip in a thermal lagoon or smiling in front of a waterfall. And no wonder. The country is a vast, vertically untouched island (a… READ FULL POST >

Palm Springs

If you follow me on Instagram (@soulcalchels) then you know I was in Palm Springs last weekend for my friend Colin’s birthday. It was sort of a last minute, get me out of the city, game time decision. And what more perfect time to get away than Memorial Day Weekend? We stayed with a big group of… READ FULL POST >

Festival Sunglasses ft. Blender’s Eyewear

Every girl has that “one thing” that she totally lusts over. That thing she has way too many of and honestly doesn’t care because, really, you can’t have too many shoes, purses, necklaces-you fill in the blank. For me, that one thing has always been sunglasses. I don’t know what it is, I just LOVE THEM…. READ FULL POST >

Turks & Caicos Photo Diary

I can think of very few things that are better than waking up, grabbing a fresh cup of coffee and walking outside to sit on a balcony that overlooks the clear blue ocean. Pure, true bliss. Last week, we spent the week in Turks & Caicos at the Seven Stars Hotel on Grace Bay. I… READ FULL POST >