Bandana Necklace

I’ve been throwing a bandana over everything lately. And no-not in the pseudo boy band, head scarf kind of way. {I mean…Nick Carter anyone?} Sort of like a necklace substitute, adding a touch of edge to an otherwise feminine look. If you’re cautious and not quite sure how you feel about this style, start by… READ FULL POST >


Basics. The between the lines, often overlooked, key to every wardrobe and closet. When shopping for basics, I look for two key things: fit and feel. I am super picky when it comes to these everyday essentials, as I find that they are what I go to most when I “don’t have anything to wear”…. READ FULL POST >

Picking The Right Pair of Culottes

SO. We all love a trend, right? You probably wouldn’t be reading this blog if you didn’t. But often times, all of these upcoming trends can be overwhelming-“Suede skirts are the new leather skirt for spring!” or “we’re loving fringe on EVERYTHING!” Trends are great and help us keep style fresh, new and exciting while… READ FULL POST >

Creating A Waistline

I really love those loose, baggy and ultimately shapeless styles that Courtney Trop of Always Judging and Leandra Medine of the Man Repeller took off the runway to the streets and made famous. They hover the line of chic and flowing, yet beg the question, “did you just roll out of bed? Oh wait no, your shirt is… READ FULL POST >