Grey Tones

Leather bottoms are one of those trends from last year peaking their way into this year, and probably into the year after that. They’re versatile, add instant edge to a number of basic tops and there are so many different styles out there to play with. Since instead of your typical autumn weather in LA… READ FULL POST >

Casual Weekend Wear

I recently got my haircut at the Nine Zero One Salon in West Hollywood (PSA-this is THE BEST salon in Los Angeles as far as I’m concerned) and ever since trimming away a few dead inches, I’ve been having some fun playing with different hairstyles. It’s pretty atypical for me to stray away from my… READ FULL POST >

Summer Dress

We’re in the heart of summer and this weekend was HOT-even for Los Angeles. It was a perfectly breezy 80 degrees at the beach, however the second you travel inland (LA is so weird this way) you see the temperature gage in your car jump from 80 to 97 in 10 minutes. I am not… READ FULL POST >

Laguna Beach

As we grow older, birthdays become less of a party and look more like every other day. We don’t normally get cupcakes at our desk as we once did in 4th grade, and our co-workers don’t as readily sing us “happy birthday” with honest excitement. Years pass us by in a blink of an eye, and we could have sworn we… READ FULL POST >

Lightweight Summer Layers

Growing up in the Midwest, I became accustomed to beautiful lush green summers with fresh, seasonal fruit and the more than occasional rain shower. Humidity was not in short supply and paper thin dresses were key to escaping the heat. When I moved to LA, I had to change around a lot of my wardrobe for the… READ FULL POST >