If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll notice my style has a evolved quite a bit since it’s inception. Denim off-the-shoulder tops and hot pink wall backdrops have led way to moody street corners and monochromatic neutrals. It’s easy to say that it’s my age or maybe the LA air, but honestly… READ FULL POST >

The White Linen Shirt

I love the look of a clean, white linen shirt. To be honest, I find myself pinning countless outfit options featuring white shirts without even knowing it. I went back into my Pinterest fashion archives and so many different variations were present, that I knew I had to share my own with you. Let’s just start… READ FULL POST >

Gritty Pretty

I’ve always loved an unexpected combo, pairing pieces that at the first glance couldn’t be more different. Looking at a Dior madimoiselle bag, you see the timeless and chic nature, which couldn’t be more opposite of a rugged, cool pair of chucks. However, they are both classics, having survived the test of time to remain “in-style” year… READ FULL POST >

Eat Your Kale

You might have seen this sweatshirt before. Where, might you ask? Hint: it was on one of the world’s sexiest women alive. That’s right folks. The Queen B herself wore this sweatshirt in her newest music video, 7/11, and how exciting for my friends, Rachel Jackson & Nate Koach. Their clothing line, Suburban Riot, features many… READ FULL POST >