What I Learned Through Turning 25

I know what you’re thinking after reading the title of this post. This is supposed to be a “fashion blog” and now this human thinks she can just rattle off life advice at age 25? WELP TOUGH SH*T because that’s exactly what I’m about to do. A better question might be WHY I felt inspired to… READ FULL POST >

Muted Tones

EVERYONE! It has officially dropped below 70 degrees {and by officially I mean it did one day last week} so I felt it only appropriate that piles on the light layers and my favorite biker boots. I bought this grey shirt 5 years ago {ugh…THE TIME. Where does it go?!} when I was living in Manhattan… READ FULL POST >

New York Fashion Week Street Style

Ah, Fashion Week. A week average humans only used to see in the New York Times style section and read about a month after the fact in magazines. Icons such as Anna Wintour would line the front rows of the cat walks to preview next season’s best by both world famous names and the city’s… READ FULL POST >

Bandana Necklace

I’ve been throwing a bandana over everything lately. And no-not in the pseudo boy band, head scarf kind of way. {I mean…Nick Carter anyone?} Sort of like a necklace substitute, adding a touch of edge to an otherwise feminine look. If you’re cautious and not quite sure how you feel about this style, start by… READ FULL POST >

The Boater Hat

I felt as though everywhere I looked this summer, someone was wearing a straw hat. From magazines, to street wear blogs, to the beaches of Hawaii, woven hats in every shape and size seemed to be a warm weather staple. I’ve always loved a good hat, especially since I moved to LA where no matter what season, the… READ FULL POST >