Winter Layers

For those of you living in Los Angeles, you know this winter has been bizarre to say the least. Cold, rainy and unpredictable. Due to this interesting and rather gloomy forecast that does not seem to let up, I have been wearing an endless amount of layers. I love the look of a classic tee under a… READ FULL POST >

New York Fashion Week Look 3

Layering. Isn’t that one of the best parts of the Summer season giving way to Fall? I mean, aside from the apple picking, warm cider, leather jackets…you get the point. {Can you tell the LA heat wave is getting to me?} Anyway, back to layering. It’s easy as a petite woman to be dwarfed by… READ FULL POST >

New York Fashion Week Look 2

As I mentioned earlier this week in a previous post, Fashion Weeks are notorious for their killer street style. Bloggers, designers and editors accept the challenge to wear the trendiest looks to showcase the styles of the upcoming season. Things you’d never wear on your average walk to coffee become the new normal and believe… READ FULL POST >

New York Fashion Week Street Style

Ah, Fashion Week. A week average humans only used to see in the New York Times style section and read about a month after the fact in magazines. Icons such as Anna Wintour would line the front rows of the cat walks to preview next season’s best by both world famous names and the city’s… READ FULL POST >