Lightweight Dress for NYC

Before I left for NYC, my sister warned me of the intense humid, heatwave passing over the East Coast (as per usual in July), so I picked up a few light weight dresses to survive the stickiness. Not too many though, as sale shopping in NYC in July is INSANE. I landed on this black and… READ FULL POST >

New York City Summer

Someone asked me last week what I do to stay “mindful” in my life, between running two businesses and countless passion projects how difficult it must be to stay present in the now. And while that is very true, it is difficult, my answer has been the same for many years-traveling. For those of you that… READ FULL POST >

NYC-Part 2

One of my favorite parts about traveling is being able to experience the different street fashion (and food…and shopping…and people…okay fine, I just love to traveling in its entirety). Each city holds a certain vibe and pulsating energy that the fashion plays off of. In Paris, it’s the timeless elegance that has graced both global catwalks and tiny… READ FULL POST >

NYC-Part 1

New York City I love you but you sure are frigid right now… You guys, I won’t even lie to you. It was FREEZING. The entire week I was there. At first it was actually nice to breathe in a deep breath of cool air into my lungs, however, after walking around for a few hours… READ FULL POST >