What I Learned Through Turning 25

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I know what you’re thinking after reading the title of this post. This is supposed to be a “fashion blog” and now this human thinks she can just rattle off life advice at age 25? WELP TOUGH SH*T because that’s exactly what I’m about to do.

A better question might be WHY I felt inspired to write this post in the first place. A few months before turning 25 {I blew my candles out this past Friday}, I had a not so small, emotional sob fest where everything up until this point in my life was called into question, with myself as the executioner-my job/s, my personal life, probably even my lunch choice that day. It was what I like to call a semi casual, quarter life crisis. I just felt OLD, having somehow woken up one day to have missed 1/2 my 20’s.

After allowing myself a day of waterworks, my system was drained and I was ready to get back to living. What I had completely missed looking at was how much I’D ALREADY DONE in my 20’s. You know, that whole glass 1/2 full thing. However, what this whole situation helped me to realize was that there were some key points of connection that were missing in my life-old friends I’d lost touch with and the desire for a new business adventure to name a few. So I guess the moral of this story is that crying can be good, when you’re committed to shifting your perspective and actions after.

SO ANYWAY here it is. A short and simple collection of thoughts and lessons I’ve learned over the last 25 years {heavily weighted from years 20-25}.

FOMO– It’s not real. JK, we all experience it. However, don’t live your life worried about missing out on that one party, show, or event. Life is a marathon and there will always be another opportunity to “go out” and “be young”. Take a stand for what makes you the happiest and best version of yourself. I promise everyone will respect you more for it.

Passion– Find it and follow it. Maybe into a career. Maybe into a relationship. Whatever it is, just let it guide you. I have found that passion is a form of magic that is unique to every one of us, and keeps the mind fresh and the spirits high. For me, it’s always been “art projects”. From drawing bubble letter signs with smelly markers at age 8 to investing in my first DSLR camera at age 24. I now have a job where my #1 priority is taking pictures. The little girl inside me is THRILLED.

Girlfriends– There are just some things your significant other will never and should never understand. Girlfriends are your outlet, your safe space to share anything and just talk with for hours and at the end not be totally sure you accomplished anything. This was my biggest lesson from years 22-25. Find your core women and hold them close, whether they live across the street or across the country.

Activity– Run, spin, pole dance, it does not matter. BUT GO BE ACTIVE. A post workout endorphin high is quite possibly one of the best feelings on this planet. You’ll feel amazing about both your inner and outer self. I like to bring a girlfriend or two to whatever crazy workout I want to try out {LA is awesome for that kind of thing} and make a weekly date of it.

Jump– Take risks despite your fear. In my early 20’s I remember hearing some work colleagues talk about a project they wanted to start and kept saying “it’s not the right time”. This went on for MONTHS. You guys, you will never have “enough money” or “enough time”. Do it anyway. Create your right time. This world is made for those who charge powerfully in the direction of their dreams. Ask questions of those you trust, keep your eyes forward and believe.

Also. My outfit is super comfy and a fun way to show a little {tasteful} skin. The end.

Photography by Maguis Sosa

Sunnies: Ray-Ban


Bottoms: Jonathan Simkhai {I also love these & these}

Flats: Vince {old, similar style on sale here!}

Bag: Chloe

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