Urban Outfitters At Home


I remember back at the beginning of this year when I first put thoughts to paper and brought SoulCal Chels to life. As most of us do in general “work” endeavors, I created milestones and goals for my first year as a blogger. Since there is no manual or “right way” to manuver this space, I conceptualized spots in time that would mean something special to me. Like if somehow I was inspiring someone on a night that they couldn’t figure out what to wear on a date or I was partnering or collaborating with a prominent brand. Exciting moments to celebrate, no matter how small, up to those BIG goals that almost scare you to say out loud. Ladies and {hopefully} gentleman, I am so humbled to announce that as of this month, I have achieved one of those BIG goals.

Out of what felt like thin air from my end {it obviously wasn’t from their’s} I received an email from Urban Outfitters asking me if I would be interested in designing my dream room with some of their apartment furniture. Hmm. Let me think about it. YES PLEASE.

When I first began checking out the website {as I’ve done many times} I was a bit overwhelmed. SO MANY GOOD THINGS. I needed to nail down my overall decor “vibe” before going any further. Thankfully, I spent a weekend at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs a few months ago and I haven’t been able to get their rustic, minimal style out of my head or my Pinterest boards. Decision = made. Year = Made.

I think what I loved most about this whole project {aside from getting me out of my wardrobe comfort zone} was how easy and AFFORDABLE Urban Outfitters makes everything. With just a few pieces I was able to completely transform the feel of my bedroom. Because really, like fashion, my home decor “style” and taste is ever evolving, so why can’t we change our bedrooms around like we change our clothes? I think that just might be the fun part.

Shop this room c/o Urban Outfitters:

{Lights}  {Rug}  {Book}  {Candle}  {Chair}  {Shelf}

My finishing touches:

{Nightstands}  {Bedding}  {Print}  {Side Table}  {Pillow}

Photography by Felicia Lasala

A big thank you to Urban Outfitters for partnering on this post!

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