Statement Jewelry

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It took my a while to write this post, as I have difficulty putting into words and properly conveying the incredible woman my mother is. She was cheering at every swim meet and tennis match, wrote cookbooks, showered us with endless love and support and has 1 million unique and special talents.

One of those talents {I mean, do you need any more when you write cookbooks for a living?} is making jewelry. Growing up, my sister and I would find gemstone or metal jewelry we died over in magazines, and a few days later it would be laid on our desk. Pretty freaking cool-a little girl’s dream.

As I am not much into statement jewelry any longer, I don’t have a lot of it anymore. However, the 3 gold layers I’m wearing here are Leslie L. Cooper originals. Remember when Mary-Kate & Ashley went through their hobo sweater meets 17 layers of metal jewels? These are from that era.

Photography by Felicia Lasala

Dress: Anine Bing {other fabulous ones here & here}

Heels: Prada {others I love here}

Jewelry: old {favorites here, here & here}

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