Wearing Fringe For Summer

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Growing up, anything with fringe and/or tassels reminded me of an old country western movie, ruminating with images of cowboys and animal skins. But thanks to the collections of major designers for Spring and Fall 2015, saddle bags and suede endowed pieces have been nipped and tailored into the most beautiful wardrobe staples.

I mentioned in an earlier post this week (here) that my taste for things, in both fashion and home decor, have taken a turn for the minimal in warmer hues, rather than my traditional draw to a casual denim meets sneakers get up. Especially with June gloom in LA having an early onset this year, soft off whites and blush tones have been a great way to brighten an otherwise overcast day.

If you were like me up until a few months ago, all out fringe jackets may be a bit too much of a statement and/or investment up front. This sweater via Forever21 is a fun (super low cost!) way to play with fringe in a neutral color that doesn’t feel quite as “Cowboys and Indians”. It’s a more cropped top style which is great, as high waisted “mom” jeans and cut-offs are another simple trend for summer in any city.

Photography by Ashley Streff

Sunnies: Garrett Leight California Optical

Top: Forever21

Skirt: Helmut Lang

Heels: Rag and Bone (more affordable options here & here)

Bag: Chloe

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