Mixing Prints

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I receive quite a few questions regarding the “how to” behind mixing prints. It’s so much easier than you think and instantly helps you build outfits from clothes that are already in your closet. There are a few important, simple tricks that I like to think about when mixing prints to ensure that your outfit doesn’t get too busy (I know we’ve ALL been there) and highlights the best of you.

Solids: breaking up an outfit, like adding a white top to a printed jacket and skirt combo, relaxes the eye and pulls a 3 piece outfit together beautifully.  A solid top or basic denim (like my outfit here) allows you to use prints in more unexpected places, like your shoes or a clutch.

Colors: think about matching the colors in your outfit before matching the prints. If the colors are in the same color family or direct opposites on the color wheel (think 3rd grade art class) then they’ll balance each other out no matter the prints. Additionally, black and white is aways a safe bet when paired together or with color. That’s a great place to get started.

Fabrics: textured fabric, like perforated leather or a tweed skirt, is absolutely a print! This is clean and chic way to begin your print mixing journey.

Photography by Ashley Streff

Sunnies: Ray Ban (30% off!)

Jacket: Vintage

Top: Rag & Bone

Jeans: Current Elliot

Booties: Chloe

Watch: The Fifth Watches (unique & affordable!)

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