White Out

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Ahhh, the white jean. Every guy’s favorite and every girl’s fear. Well, I shouldn’t say every girl-I grew up with my mom always wearing white linen pants in the summer and I loved the look. It’s a bold move, a wide-legged, white linen pant, and these white skinny legs are my adaptation.

In LA (and anywhere, because really there are no fashion rules), it’s common to see white pants before and after labor day-year round for that matter. I find wide legged, especially white, pants a bit hard to wear as I’m a shorty, and would need to hem them to the perfect heel. I like the versatility of cropped skinny jeans, as they look great with flats, sneakers and nearly every heel. I have heard from some women that they don’t like wearing white on their bottom half, as it’s naturally not as sliming as a darker shade. Ladies, here is the answer: it lies in the thickness of the denim fabric itself. A thin, bright white or super worn denim is much less forgiving and doesn’t “hold it all in”, for lack of a better term. Go for a thicker, stretchy denim (like this 7/8 inch by Paige), that smoothes everything out and shows off a bit of the ankle.

To accommodate for the hotter weather this past week, I added a lightweight chambray/linen shirt and my favorite mirrored shades. To give shape to an otherwise boxy style (this shirt here), tuck in the front to the waistband of your jeans or tie a little knot of the side to draw shape around your waist.

Photography by Ashley Streff

Sunnies: Illesteva

Top: Frame

Denim: Paige

Heels: Manolo Blahnik

Bag: Chloe Mini Drew

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Chelsea |

Thank you, Mary, for your kinda words! I love midi skirts so I will definitely be checking out your site.