Turks & Caicos Photo Diary


I can think of very few things that are better than waking up, grabbing a fresh cup of coffee and walking outside to sit on a balcony that overlooks the clear blue ocean. Pure, true bliss.

Last week, we spent the week in Turks & Caicos at the Seven Stars Hotel on Grace Bay. I have to be honest, usually our vacations are filled with endless activities, adventures around the city and lots of planning. This was the first time we literally planned NOTHING. Not even a dinner reservation. And for those of you that know me and my list-writing, plan making style, this is seriously a-typical. But, WOW. It was incredible. I can’t remember the last time I sat and read a book for pleasure or took a walk on the beach with nowhere to be. Every, single dinner we ate was amazing (I highly recommend Caicos Cafe & Bay Bistro), probably because lobster was in season and I ate it at every, single meal.

The sunsets were consistently stunning, the smell of ocean air was everywhere and the smiles were endless. There is only one outfit post here, as I honestly wore cut-offs and a tank top, zero make-up and humidity styled, curly hair every day. Nothing like 5 days sans makeup to cleanse your skin.

Plus, I spent every moment with my core four, my family. There is nothing better in this life.

Photography by Shanna Cooper & Chels

Sunnies: Ray-Ban & Illesteva

Top: Club Monaco

Pants: Club Monaco

Heels: Valentino

Bag: Chloe

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