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Growing up, I remember my friends getting so excited to have babysitters, as it meant endless hours of Nickelodeon cartoons and rows of Chips Ahoy cookies. I also loved having babysitters, but for different reasons. It was an excuse to break into our arts & crafts cabinets and have some more experienced to play with. We’d flip the TV on and break out the cookies, but instead of sitting on the couch, we’d sit in the kitchen and draw, write and color until I had enough pictures to cover my entire bedroom door. This is where I fell in love with all things hand written. I’d much prefer learning how to draw bubble letters and block cursive than a house or a portrait. This love of handwriting has grown with me over time, and transformed into a passion for typography prints and calligraphy doodles.

So, as you can imagine, when The Sailor’s Song reached out wanting to throw a little giveaway, I was beyond excited. They are based in Utah by way of Newport Beach, CA, and make everything from irreverent cards to classic prints and calendars. It’s all handmade too, which makes it even more special. I absolutely adore the entire site, but love this Anna Wintour quote in particular. I was surprised when I first read it, as I couldn’t really imagine these words coming out of Anna Wintour’s mouth. But that’s the beauty of it, isn’t it? We can’t take ourselves too seriously. As, in my opinion, the most important feeling you should have when wearing a dress is that YOU would want to take it off YOURSELF. So love yourself enough to feel sexy in any dress and I promise the rest will follow suit, just as Anna says.

And, finally, YES. You did see that right! We’re having a giveaway going on via my instagram, so hop on over to enter to win one of these amazing prints. Also, The Sailor’s Song is offering 15% off their entire website with the code “soulcalchels” until Saturday, March 7th!

Photography by Ashley Streff

Robe & skivvies: Calvin Klein

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This is awesome! I love all the hand written stuff. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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