Seeking Love With Helen Ficalora

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According to Google, year after year, the word “love” continues to reign top of the charts as one of the highest searched words on their site.  There are millions of definitions, countless articles on how to find it, quizzes to test if you’re looking in the right places and endless studies on how to keep it. Think about chats with your girl (or guy) friends-I can almost guarantee that the topic of love (or lust) is almost always present in one capacity or another.

When the team at Helen Ficalora sent me this simple Sterling Silver pendent necklace stamped with the word “love”, it instantly made me think of my family. My immediate foursome (mom/dad/sister) were my first thoughts, followed by my extended family across the country and a large portion overseas. Because love, to me, is family. My large, loud, funny and beautifully unique family. It’s my best friends, who might as well be family. It’s the endless love and unconditional support of those closest to me that keeps me growing, smiling and brings out the best of who I am every single day.

I can always count on my family to remind me to always love MYSELF first. Not in a narcissistic way, but in an nonjudgmental, supportive way. Think about it: we’re always harshest on ourselves. We talk to ourselves in a way we wouldn’t dream of speaking to others. And not to sound totally aloof and cliche here but, your relationship with yourself is really the only relationship you’ll be in for your life’s entirety. Treat it that way. And keep those people, family or otherwise, around who remind you to love yourself this much, because they already do.

What does love mean to you?

Photography by Ashley Streff

Necklace: Helen Ficalora

Sunnies: Illesteva

Blouse: Equipment (similar here)

Jeans: Rag & Bone

Heels: Christian Louboutin

Bag: Chloe

Thanks to the Helen Ficalora team for partnering on this post.

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