Daisy Dukes

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Remember when we were in grade school/high school & we all thought wearing Abercrombie & Fitch ripped mini skirts paired with Ugg boots was the trendiest thing ever (thanks Laguna Beach)…no? Just me? Well, for those of you who were able to by pass that stage of your life, cheers. For the rest of us, these shorts always remind me of those ripped mini skirt days, but in the best way. Because really, who likes wearing a short skirt and sitting like a “girl”, anyway?

I have never been a big proponent of needing to show a lot of skin to be sexy. I showed freedom of expression and creativity other ways (like cutting hideous blunt bangs & dying my hair black…yes that happened). However, cut-off shorts are a fun way to show a little skin and do it in a tasteful manor. But you guys, I can’t stress this enough. It’s all about what you pair them with! If you are wearing a short pair of Daisy Dukes, please don’t wear a crop top or a super low cut blouse on top unless you’re at Coachella. You want people to see how your clothing brings out the beauty in YOU, not the other way around. I’m all about pushing the limits BUT there is a fine line between tasteful and trashy.

For this look, I chose one of my favorite summer blouses, maybe ever, from Diane Von Furstenberg’s spring line a few years back to add a pop of color. Add a side of cold brew (always) and you’re ready for this LA heat.

Photography by Ashley Streff

Sunnies: Ray-Ban

Blouse: Diane Von Furstenberg

Shorts: One Teaspoon

Sneakers: Superga

Bag: Chloe

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Catherine |

Hi Chelsea! I just found you via the CS podcast, and can I just say I love your spirit! Had to comment on this post because (A) I completely get the uggs / mini / LB reference and (B) that top is so gorgeous! The colors, the print, the popover – bye. Amazing. Also, I’m an LA native married now to a Navy jet pilot, so we move all over. Currently living in Newport, RI and I miss that soCal sunshine. Enjoy it for me 🙂 xo

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Chelsea |

Hi Catherine! Thank you so much for stopping by and for listening to the podcast! I’m so touched that you connected to the post and to the words. SoCal is amazing and I hope you come back soon! Keep in touch. xx