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The word adventure means so many different things. By definition, to adventure is to ” take a bold, usually risky leap of faith with an uncertain outcome.” Sounds pretty exciting to me. Adventure can also mean “an exciting and unusual experience”, which is how I like to consider things. This can be as small as stepping out of your normal routine to grab a cup of coffee at a new place or as daring as free falling from an airplane (I will be conquering this come spring).

Change and exploration out of normal habits can be really hard for human beings by nature. We find solace and comfort in the predictable, often to a fault. We forgo meeting new people at the fear of being judged and miss out on new experiences due to our fear of heights, snakes, dark rooms-you fill in the blank. However, I do know this. It is only in our most feared spaces that we can become our strongest selves. A little Wednesday wisdom for ya.

I like to consider this my “adventuring” uniform. As this is week 8 (AH!) of this baby blog’s life, I’m sure you are all starting to see a trend in my SoCal way of dressing. These ripped boyfriend shorts are a great length-not too long that they look frumpy and not too short that sitting down becomes a peep show. I paired them with an lightweight sweater and my favorite new kicks to make it easy to run around Los Angeles, wherever the day took me. My advice would be to dress in your most comfortable when you have no idea where your wanderlust spirt may take you on that particular day. Finding a little comfort in the uncomfortable.

And as long as you’re putting yourself out there, you’re adventuring. Never loose that Peter Pan/Neverland way of life, you guys. It’s what keeps us fresh, our minds clear and our spirits lifted.

Photography by Ashley Streff

Sunnies: Ray-Ban

Sweater: Urban Outfitters (similar here)

Shorts: Rag & Bone

Sneakers: Saint Laurent

Bag: Mansur Gavriel

Rings: Bing Bang NYC & Catbird

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