Busy Week

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This was one crazy week! I’m in the process of transitioning out of my full time job to be more full time with the blog, and taking on smaller creative projects while still trying to eat well and workout as much as possible. It’s quite the balance! It has become more than typical in big cities (and to be honest, for this generation as a whole) to NOT work a 9-5 job. Really, quite cool. However, a more flexible job comes with less official “days off”, thus making it increasingly important to create “little islands of peace”, as my dad refers to them as.

I’ve been lucky enough to grow up with 2 entrepreneurs for parents where working 7 days a week was expected however, we were able to eat family dinner together every night. The give and the take. Because of the consistent working atmosphere, taking a few minutes to stretch, make lunch in the kitchen, sit outside for 15 minutes or make a simple run to Target is essential. I.e. the “islands of peace” as we call it.

For me, it’s going to a class style workout. I usually gravitate towards SoulCycle, Pilates Plus or a few different yoga studios, but to be honest, the key word for me is CLASS. Interaction with people and the community is what rejuvenates me, especially as my life has shifted behind a computer screen. (The endorphins don’t suck either.)

What do you guys do to maintain balance in your work and personal lives?

Photography by Ashley Streff

Tee: Barney’s co-OP (similar here)

Flannel: H&M (similar here)

Sunnies: Garrett Leight California Optical

Jeans: JBrand

Bag: Reed Krakoff

Sneakers: Nike Frees

Necklaces: Dana Rebecca

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