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So. First post. WOW. It’s been a long road to get here and I’ve been dreaming about this first post for weeks. What will I say? How will it land? Curating this space has taken months and although scary, it feels like a breath of fresh air to finally get it out there. To all of you who have supported me on any step of the journey, words cannot begin to express my profound gratitude. Whether you sat with me over coffee listening to my crazy brainstorm sessions or read my list of 47 emails containing endless website notes, you know who you are. Your words, your love and your enthusiasm are and continue to be invaluable.

That said, my “word”, if you will, for 2015 is GROWTH. To push myself beyond anything I’ve done before and put myself out there in all the best ways possible. I’ve never been a big one for resolutions because, let’s just call it what it is. Resolutions by definition are an act of solving a problem, fixing that which appears to be broken. Not that I’m against bettering myself, quite the contrary, I just want to see my 2015 from a different lens. Growth is a core value of extreme importance to me, be it personal or professional. It is only through continued growth that we can offer our most amazing self to others and support them in doing the same. So I want to cherish all the best of 2014 and charge powerfully into this next year, with all of you!

Anddd (drum roll please) here it is-my first personal style post of 2015. The spinning and bouncing around felt very appropriate, as did this lighter weight, yet still warm look, as Los Angeles has been a beautiful 60 degrees as of late. These jeans are borrowed (with every intention of stealing…?) from my mother-the strong, beautiful woman who taught me that there is never a failure in this life, only growth and learning. So here’s to every one of you, looking to grow and create something amazing in 2015.

Photography by Ashley Streff.

Sunnies: Garrett Leight California Optical

Shirt: Equipment

Ruana: Minni Rose (similar here)

Jeans: Rag & Bone (similar here)

Shoes: Vince (similar here)

Clutch: Reiss (similar here)

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Christina Surgent |

Best wishes for you, my darling! Can’t wait to see this outlet take flight and all the amazing thing you produce in 2025. This look is so beautiful. So in awe of your amazing talent! Kill it sister!

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Sami Udell |

Elegant, classy, amazing, beautiful, wonderful, inspiring! Love the outfit, love growth!

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Nicole Simonetti |

Chels, this post is a fabulous first one & only foreshadows that you’re going to write so many more great ones in the future. Best of luck to you and your site in 2015! Can’t wait to follow along. x

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Chelsea |

Thank you so much, Nicole! Thanks for following along and best of luck on your blog!