Gritty Pretty

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I’ve always loved an unexpected combo, pairing pieces that at the first glance couldn’t be more different. Looking at a Dior madimoiselle bag, you see the timeless and chic nature, which couldn’t be more opposite of a rugged, cool pair of chucks. However, they are both classics, having survived the test of time to remain “in-style” year after year.

We’ve all seen our share of pairings that just didn’t work-neon from head to toe (literally), Lady Gaga-esc meat suits, insert your own “I would rather die than wear this” outfit here. There is just too much going on and a straight up CONFUSION to the eye on what to focus on first. The key in pairing “gritty pretty” pieces, if you will, is to pick your outfit’s focal point (mine is the Dior bag in this look) and the rest of the outfit should be a neutral slate. Something that simply fades away, and unexpectedly brings out the best in the look.

What’s your favorite unexpected pairing?

Photography by Ashley Streff

Sunnies: Illesteva

Blazer: Helmut Lang (similar here)

Tank: Soft Joie

Shorts: AG Jeans (similar here)

Shoes: Converse

Bag: Vintage Dior

Necklaces: Dana Rebecca (here and here)

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