Eat Your Kale

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You might have seen this sweatshirt before. Where, might you ask? Hint: it was on one of the world’s sexiest women alive. That’s right folks. The Queen B herself wore this sweatshirt in her newest music video, 7/11, and how exciting for my friends, Rachel Jackson & Nate Koach. Their clothing line, Suburban Riot, features many comfy, yet chic sweats and hilarious graphic tees all made in DTLA. I’m a huge supporter of the “buy local” movement, thanks in large part to growing up in Metro-Detroit (I’m so “hood” you guys). Watching artists, designers and small business owners take a vested interest in a run down, yet still vibrant city has always captured my heart. Both DTLA and Detroit have seen better days, but every soul that supports these communities from something as small as buying an Eggslut sandwich in the Grand Central Market, is making a powerful impact in building these cities back up to their glory.

When I first stepped out of the house in this gritty pretty combo, I have to admit I felt a little like a tennis pro but, I mean, there are worse things. I’m a sneakers and jeans kinda girl at heart, so throwing on a leather skirt dressed this up a bit as I grabbed a quick coffee with a friend. My grandmother gifted me this Dior bag from her personal collection a few years back. Every time I use it, I can almost smell the Chanel #5 wafting up into my nose and her shouting in her thick Long Island accent, “You looks FABULOUS dahhh-ling!” I cherish it, and make sure to stuff it with tissue paper to maintain the shape after each use, just to make my grandmother proud.

Photography by Ashley Streff

Sunnies: RayBan

Sweatshirt: Suburban Riot

Skirt: Rachel Zoe (similar here)

Shoes: Stan Smith for Adidas

Purse: Vintage Dior

Necklaces: Dana Rebecca (here and here)

Watch: Emporio Armani

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Casey Layne |

LOVE this blog post, especially the stories about your grandma and the reference to eggslut. Of course the outfit and pictures are ON POINT and gorgeous, as always. I love the personal flair you put on this post! xxx

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